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For most couples, their first wedding anniversary, also known traditionally as the paper anniversary, is both a time of joy and a time of great triumph. This special occasion exists to celebrate the day that they stood hand-in-hand and vowed to spend the rest of their lives joined together in a partnership of love.It also means that they have survived one whole year of each others bad habits, less-than-perfect moments, and still want deeply to continue on their journey together.

Your Life – On Paper

Paper Wedding AnniversaryBy the time many couples reach their first anniversary, they will have created many valued memories together. For some, this means signing the deed papers on their first home or the birth certificate of their first child. For others, this may mean adventure and travel to exotic lands, or the completion of triumphant academic pursuits. Regardless of the situation, one thing is certain – the perfect gift for any couple’s first-year anniversary is a way for them to showcase and preserve their most cherished memories.

Paper Anniversary TogetherSearching for a unique first anniversary gift? Paper is the traditional offering for first-year wedding celebrations. Whether the wedded lovers in your life enjoy jet setting across the world, or prefer to travel the local countryside with little more than a map and dream, a travel map will give them a unique way to pin each of their travel conquests. It will also introduce them to many more exciting locations that they may not have otherwise ventured to.

A Year in the Life – Of You & Yours

Available in many different designs, our maps and map pins are as unique as the couples who use them. Adventures, like anniversaries, are important and deserve to be remembered. Aside from weddings, consider gifts for other first anniversaries – a new business or an employee’s first year on the job – document your journey in life.

The first year of marriage is an exciting and emotional exploration. A year that deserves to be commemorated, celebrated, and put on display for the world to see. A push pin travel map offers a way for couples to share, remember and celebrate the worldly journeys they have taken together.

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