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Egypt is a fascinating place. It's a fine blend of modern and ancient combined with a mixture of various different cultures that coexist harmoniously with one another. If you are planning a trip to the land of Pharaohs, read on to discover some of the top attractions in Egypt.

Pyramids of Giza

Pyramids of GizaOf the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Pyramids of Giza are the last to survive. These tombs, built for the mighty Pharaohs, are one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world. Guarded by the obscure Sphinx, the pyramid complex of Giza continues to amaze travelers. These memorials to once-ruling kings are a wondrous sight still today, just as they were when they were completed around 2560 BC. It's quite a marvel that they are still standing strong to this day! This attraction is undeniably a sight you don’t want to miss on your Egypt trip.

Islamic Cairo

View of the Mosques of Sultan Hassan and Al-RifaiThe capital’s Islamic Cairo district has a unique atmosphere crammed in narrow lanes, filled with madrassas (Islamic schools) and mosques. Be sure to check out the Khan el-Khalili labyrinth shopping souk, where you can explore tiny workshops of coppersmiths and artisans and set your eyes on gorgeous textiles and your other senses on the aromatic spices and fragrant perfumes. Travelers can also enjoy some of the old Islamic empires’ most beautifully preserved architecture in this area. Consider seeing the Sultan Hassan Mosque and Al-Azhar Mosque to explore this gorgeous architectural art.

Luxor’s Karnak Temple and the Valley of the Kings

Luxor Temple view from the NileThe Nile-side town of Luxor, located in Upper Egypt, is home of the famous Karnak Temple and Valley of the Kings as well as the Memorial Temple of Hatshepsut. Check out the busy souk action along the East Bank or head to the West Bank where things are a bit quieter and you can visit a number of tombs and temples that make up what has been coined the largest open-air museum on earth. Travelers can easily spend days here exploring all of the beautiful art and colossal columns within the temples.

Egyptian Museum

Cairo’s Egyptian Museum is a treasure trove of Egyptian Pharaonic culture. It is not a traditional museum, which is often ordered chronologically, but that's part of the charm of this old school building of wonders. Be sure to head upstairs to see fascinating exhibits of royal mummies and the golden glory of King Tutankhamen as well as many other curious pieces

South Sinai

Coastline of Dahab resort, Sinai, EgyptTake part in a little beach fun in the South Sinai Region, located on the Sinai Peninsula. The Red Sea is one of the most popular diving destinations worldwide and the region surrounding South Sinai houses many of the greatest dive sites. You can stay at a European-style resort, filled with international restaurants, luxury hotels and lots of options for entertainment at Sharm el-Sheikh. If you prefer something lower-budget, head to Dahab, which is a low-key beach town filled with equal parts sea adventures and desert excursions. Or head north along the coast to bamboo hut retreats, located between Nuweiba and Taba, for a completely quiet and away-from-everything retreat.

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