June 22, 2022 2 min read

Let's be honest: eating out in London costs a lot. You can certainly not get away from the fact that some of the most famous restaurants in London are the ones that you see scrolling over Instagram and Facebook feeds, recognized by the famous Michelin guide can punch a hole in your pocket. You must've come across at least one Londoner who balked at the £100 bill that landed on their table when they met a friend over a few drinks.

While London may be famed for its raft of artisan street food markets, Michelin-starred restaurants, fine-dining establishments, and glamorous rooftop bars on the World map, it is also home to a whole host of budget-friendly but excellent quality food joints where the bill won't make you sell a kidney in the black market. Here's a list of the very best budget-friendly eats London has to offer.


Café Chula

Mexican Inspired Cuisine

Think of tacos or quesadillas filled with slow-cooked beef, chipotle salsa, onions, coriander, or chicken thighs with spicy, sour cream, and Café Chula in Camden is the place to be at. Three tacos at Chula cost less than $10, with a full margarita list that costs only $9 each.


Marugame Udon

Canary Wharf View from O2 Arena

Marugame Udon, a global noodle mega Corp, has been introduced in London near St. Christophers Place, serving really cheap noodles. A steaming hot bowl of kamaage noodles served in cooking water with smoky dipping sauce costs only $3.45, which is basically the meal deal price. Marugame Udon's most accessible location is near St. Christopher's Place, but other outlets at Canary Wharf, the O2, and Liverpool Street serve great quality noodles too.


Ugly Dumpling, Soho

Carnaby Street and Newburgh Street Intersection Sign, London

Ugly Dumpling, Soho, at 1 Newburgh Street, serves the most delectable dumplings at very attractive prices. You get a choice between meat, vegetarian, or a vegan platter of eight dumplings for a whopping $13.50, along with a selection of adequately steamed and stuffed parcels. Not only the classic takes but a variety of fun interpretations such as a Nutella variety dumpling stuffed with mixed nuts and marshmallows and cheeseburger dumplings are served at the Ugly Dumpling. Built on a small scale, the prices do justice to what is being served.

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